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Don't like what i have? Deal with it Or leave.

hi guys and welcome to my page! i mostly draw home



Shading test by Captor-Variety-Girl

hmm, i'm not very good at critiques, but i'll give it my best shot. well you're overall better at shading in digital than i am. the sha...


Joseph Hsu
United States
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Hello, I'm Rotommowtom, and welcome to my page! You can call me Joseph, Joe, Joetom

i like to draw Nintendo stuff, Random Stuff , cute stuff, babies, scary stuff, Animals, plants, Dragons, Aliens, Other Creatures that don't exist, and alternian trolls.... please note that i have a wide range of interests.

You can also find me here:
:iconyoutube-plz: ===>…
:iconfbcenterplz: ===>…

please note that i don't use Facebook for social media, Deviantart is.

All i have to say, is if you like my art that is fine, :iconkirbyhiplz:
if you don't, deal with it or Leave. :icongtfoguyplz:


My best friends, freinds i have, and friends i had.

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I like All of my friends! I care for all of you very much!

here's some cool people i'd like to recognize.
(also they are my closest of DA friends)

:iconmarcusvorbote: he's one of my best bros.
:iconkinglogan721: he's one of my best bros.
:iconcaptor-variety-girl: one of my best DA buddies
:iconluckyladyxandra: one of my best DA buddies & Likes to draw Alternian Trolls too
:iconshaneysqueeboy: / :iconchentheirken: another good buddy of mine
:iconstardustnebulae: one of my best DA buddies!
:iconwalsalinalover25: a very good friend of mine & Does Gmod stuff! :D
:iconmarioprincessartist: One of my good friends & Like drawing Mario Princesses
:icondededeman7: he's once cool dude!
:iconapplehead302: a very kind friend to have around (she is still Away...)
:iconcapricornuss: a great buddy of mine
:iconmustachecat88: another great friend i love to talk to
:iconcottonee7:another one of my good buds!
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:iconsirguyjacket: he and I are good friends

and lots more i can say for the rest of my buds:iconcutegamzeeplz:





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Also ask me if you have a question about pokemon! i'm almost like a living breathing Bulbapedia (but obviously i don't know everything) but i do know alot. so ask me anything if you have questions.

Nintendo -Stamp- by DrXtreme
also ask me if you have question about other things like mario & kirby games, i know alot about the stuff in those too.




some of my OC PLZ's! :icondarxplz::iconcaziplz::iconprincessoliviaplz: these PLZ's were created by :iconjestcrazy32:


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:iconcommissionsopen: just a little side note for you guys here. i normally give free requests to friends, but i am also running short of time and such. so i can't keep up with all the stuff that piles in. so i may accept your request if i'm not that busy.

:bulletpurple: linear - 5 points

:bulletpurple: regularly colored - 10 points

:bulletpurple: colored fully colored and shaded - 20 points

:bulletpurple: fully colored and shaded with background - 30 points
you may have one character per commission, but if you want to add another character, you need to add more points to your current total.
here are the list of prices.

:bulletpurple:for humans - 1000 points (hehe, just kidding) :icongamseesplz:

:bulletblue: two characters - +1 point

:bulletblue: three characters - +2 points

:bulletblue: four characters - +5 points


:iconpowerpointplz: :iconupdateplz::iconpowerpointplz:
i am now accepting powerpoint short animations!

though they WILL be shorts.

first thing is an animation will cost at base 10 points
for the animation as well as for the single character.

any additional character will cost +5 more points.

any specific music or custom music +1 point
(if not applied i will chose either a random music that fits the video or no music)

the owner of the character will need to submit to me a sprite sheet of that character in PNG format with a background that is easily able to be turned transparent.

+1 point for a custom background (again will need a picture linked to me)

things that will not be accepted whatsoever.
:bulletred: no inappropriate stuff, like nudity, sex, and things like that.
:bulletred: no complaining if i have to decline your commission
:bulletred: things that are outside my league of what powerpoint can handle itself.
:bulletred: no fetishes as cool as some of them are.

PS: i can't do these all the time because of my busy schedules so don't overwork me with them. i can only do a few of them at a time for a while.
(one person can only do so much before they get tired)

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eh i got nothing better to do right now, so uh.... yeah...

please be aware this WILL have spoilers, well with that out of the way.

so yeah planet robobot... i just 100% completed planet robobot yesterday... you have no idea what i have been though to get that.

so overall i love the graphics, though sometimes with the robobot armor things may have a bit of lag. and i LOVE the cameos and new and revamped abilities like mirror, so cool! i love how there's a nice touch to UFO's new moves and that it's not amiibo locked (but is required to get 100% to unlock the ability in the trial room). Also i like how they fixed UFO's issue of not being able to go down ladders and drop down platforms. even smash kirby gets a smash bros-ish shield when he guards. i love all the new and returning abilities. now about the story, man that susie, so much sass! :3 haltmann ... let's just say he's um, very interesting... and robobot armor, man it's so much fun to use it! (even if it can't fly) i love using the stone, ice, and mike the most! though i like the wheel and jet modes (but yeah those aren't in the ability trial room for a reason.)

meta knightmare was fun yet challenging, and i love the fact they added the "meta knights" in his final move.

kirby 3D rumble, so far the only true 3D in any main series game. it's fun and is puzzle type thing. memorize it's pattern and you'll be good to go

team kirby clash - fun, challenging. and you gain EXP? why? eh whatever,
- TKC bosses-

Gigant Edge- eh, that's all i can say.
Mr. Frosty- the butt walrus is at it again!
Whispy Woods- basically a clone of a clone, he's essentially using the model of flowery woods from KTD
Pyribbit- as the spam-happy lava living amphibian is here!
Landia- challenging yet fun
Landia EX - GOD FUCKING DAMN, this thing, every attack it does does a truckload of damage and it attacks fast and often, and your CPU teammates aren't that smart...

the regular arena was fun

but the true arena is notorious, never had the true arena has been more difficult than this one.
AND I GOD DAMN FUCKING HATE IT!!! i will explain why later in the boss roster below
(though i still love all the cameos they put into it)

now about the bosses.

-Mini bosses & Robobot bosses- (i'll keep it short and simple)
Blocky- nealy identical to KTD
Bonkers- nealy identical to KTD
Dubior- man i love and hate this boss. moves too sporadically. and why the heck it doesn't give the UFO ability?
Kibble Blade- nothing much to say other than kibbles. (that word is just hilarious)
King Doo- almost identical to KRTD
Miasmoros- it's kinda annoying to face because of it's toxic sludge which appears every time it moves or attacks
Security Force- it's basically Metal General form (KRTD) however, it pushes a self-destruct button upon defeat.
Telepathos- umm rainbow crescent thing, look kinda cool in it's extra form actually.

-Robobot Bosses-
C.O.G.S.- it's a bit too easy... though if your not quick enough it may rack up alot of damage on you.
Gigavolt- it tries to be cool... and indeed it is.
Gigavolt II- it tries to be cool... let's just say, your robobot might seem to have a new pancake form.
Core Kabula- the coolest smiling eye thing blimp ever. (also is the phase right after C.O.G.S.)

clanky woods- he's a very interesting boss, i like his leaf-orb things. but he gets kinda annoying and spam-happy on his final phase.

holo defense API - this boss, i love because it's just so fun to play, it's like a mini boss rush in itself, though upon losing all it's holograms it begins to malfunction and fly sporadically in the foreground and background making it kinda annoying to hit.

susie- i like the fight with her, however like many of the bosses sometimes, she can get spam-happy too. and let me just say, bombs everywhere!

mecha knight+ -i freaking love this boss, still challenging and i like the fact when he reaches half health he grows a scorpion tail-like grabber claw thingy

Dedede clones - i can't tell you how much i love yet hate this boss... like all fights with dedede it starts like a normal "dedede" fight but when he reaches half health he spits into 3 dededes and still fights like normal but is faster and they share the same AI (unlike most kirby bosses which fight in a set pattern) though one clone is usually delayed a bit. however because of this it's so hard not to get hit at all, when you get hit even once from any of his attacks always makes you lose your ability and makes you "fetch" your ability only to lose it again. also when the since they have their own AI they won't get off you. if you use invincibility stuff like stone's stone form they will NEVER get off you! which forces you to take damage. but after those clones shrink in size, they reach the third phase, the tank thingy... it's better than the second phase but it still challenging but still fun (unlike the annoying second phase). though the death animations of the clones more than makes up for the stuff i had to put up with. upon the tank's defeat it goes out of control and explodes sending the dedede clones flying and exploding into "DDD" fireworks.

President Haltmann - this boss, like most bosses, he can get spam happy too, with his umm susie-bombs...
though i love the touch of face he's a corporate boss who's crazy, he laughs like a madman during his fight.

dark matter clone - i love the boss's cameo in here, i like how it show's it's true eye in the second phase, but like most bosses it gets spam-happy too.
though upon defeat it shows it's true form briefly and deforms back into a lump of cells then dies.

sectonia clone - as what it's name is, pretty much a clone of triple deluxe's fight with sectonia. however she does have a new move during phase 2, she'll use her scepters to slam into the ground forming into "Crystal Shockwaves"
though the death animation is well questionable... like the dark matter clone, she'll deform back into a clump of cells and then the lump breifly forms into taranza? before defeat. wut..

galacta knight - like all his fights, two words Bad Ass. though like the fights with dedede and meta knight, galacta knight has his own AI and doesn't fight in a set pattern. oh and yeah, fucking space laser, heck yea.

but for star dream soul OS, this is the sole reason why i ABSOLUTELY GOD DAMN FUCKING HATE THE MOTHRFUCKING TRUE ARENA!!! i can get though the rest of the boss gauntlet just fine, but this fight deserves it's own section.
keep aware that once you enter the last door in the rest area(and they don't even give you a maximum tomato this time). It has you going though 4 phases WITHOUT HEALING. (without using amiibo)

phase1: star dream is basically is like those "shooter" type kirby boss, cept' this time you use the halberd Heck yea!
this fight seems to have a star fox feel to it.
star dream will, fire lasers form portal with good aim so keep moving, it will also fire missiles and summon meteors, also when it's health gets low it will use a shield to protect itself.

phase 2: this phase basically has two phases in it.  and you fight with the halberd in this phase too
phase2-1: it begins by sucking in meteors then firing them back at you (but don't get sucked in though) it will also use screens with holograms to attack you. it has portals that fire swirly lasers that are kinda hard to avoid at times, it also fire missiles like the first phase. but this time it also has moves like summoning robobot minion things and gigavolt II's. once it reaches low health star dream proceeds to grow legs and will swipe you with them DODGE THEM! cause they hit so hard i had to start from this attack plenty of times before i learned how to dodge them. after you destroy more of the access arc the legs will break off and around the screen, DODGE THESE TOO, you first go to the top right corner then the bottom right corner. remember this. cuz i also had to restart the true arena many times because of this attack. once the things covering a yellow thing is totally destroyed, phase 3 begins.
phase 2-2: also (HOLY CARP IT'S NOVA!!! seriously i love nova :3) but keep aware this has nova's catchphrase "3..2..1..go!" is now this phase's timed gimmick. it uses the screen shield with holograms with the count down numbers to attack you. once this counter reaches 0 it will do an nearly unavoidable attack that will kill you though. though this form of star dream isn't exactly nova himself but a replica of nova or as i like to call him "nova 2.0" so it begins by firing it's laser from it's eyes and sweeps the screen with it. but with the count down gimmick in mind, the time limit is hardly an issue. it will fire "nova parts" like the pocket watches, light bulbs, rooster weather vanes, telescopes, piano keys ect. to attack you with. destroy them to charge up your super attack. when you use it it will deal alot of damage to star dream, miss the opportunity and you could be done for.
upon defeat "nova 2.0" opens it's mouth and fires it's laser destroying the halberd, meta knight quickly ejects kirby so that he can finish off star dream which then proceeds to inhale kirby which is sucked out of his robobot armor. here is where phase 3 begins.

phase 3: the heart (core) of star dream & access arc "nova 2.0"
this time it's back to the normal 3.5D  platforming boss time, first off it starts by just using it's pillars to attack, upon the destruction of a pillar, you can hear the sound of haltman in pain?
the pillar phase is quite simple. but after all the pillars are destoyed the heart begins to attack.
the heart has (like with most modern day kirby bosses has marx like attacks) like fires 4 cutters simultaneously and splits itself in two red and blue to try to smash you with them, but this time when the halves meat together the heart release explosive energy. the core can also fire two thin lasers to sweep the ground with. and immediately after, it fires pillars of lasers to attack. it also fire's "nova defense" parts as bombs all over the place. it also can teleport around the screen.

but what gets me MOTHERFUCKING FURIOUS it's it's death. upon defeat the heart (core) will start to beat irregularly before it dies, then it will proceed to send shock waves that will INSTANTLY KILL YOU! (and it's a screen death too) dodge it 3 times, (stay at the bottom for the first two shock waves than move to the middle for the last) do this and the heart will die and break and then fragment into tiny pieces. this factor alone is a jerk move on Nintendo's part, the first time i i killed the heart i have every right to assume it's all over. so i just sat and watched as the heart died, then suddenly i died?! WHAT THE FUCKING HELL NINTENDO?! so i got back to that part after realizing what just happened and i thought what not use invincibility like stone, leaf,archer? nope the shock waves still killed me regardless of the invincibility. again WHAT THE FUCKING HELL NINTENDO?! i didn't want to resort to this, but just to get to the core phase but i had no choice to to use my amiibos just for the healing in this fight. (when you scan an amiibo it will heal you a bit.) congratulations nintendo you have made me actually hate the true arena. never have i even been so enraged in my life.

overall planet robobot as was very fun and the hype was worth it. i loved MOST of those game modes, cept for the true arena.(go to hell with that one) if you make another main series game with a true arena at least don't do a dick move like that. also the true arena wouldn't have been as bad as it is if it didn't take about 20-30 minutes per try
but over nintendo you did a good job with this game.

i rate this game a 9.5/10. the other .5 percent is for the fact that i don't like is this true arena.

Awesome game. :thumbsup: :star::star::star::star::star:

and with that i'll be playing this game some more as well as splatoon and smash bros.
and as for requests go, sorry they're still closed, i still need to calm down after that rage and pure hatred for star dream. (overall i love it's design and lore) but that computer has to die.

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