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Shiny Minior in 4 eggs?! by Rotommowtom Shiny Minior in 4 eggs?! :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 4 10 Color Pencil Art - Cosmoem 2 by Rotommowtom Color Pencil Art - Cosmoem 2 :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 9 0 Color Pencil Art - Splash by Rotommowtom Color Pencil Art - Splash :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 23 6 My Shiny Carbink by Rotommowtom My Shiny Carbink :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 6 0 Cosmoem Absorbing Energy to Evolve Screenshot by Rotommowtom Cosmoem Absorbing Energy to Evolve Screenshot :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 2 3 Shiny Crabominable by Rotommowtom Shiny Crabominable :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 1 2 Shiny Palossand! by Rotommowtom Shiny Palossand! :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 7 5 How to Make Hunting for Shiny Sandygast Easier by Rotommowtom How to Make Hunting for Shiny Sandygast Easier :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 1 0 Finally! Shiny Kommo-o by Rotommowtom Finally! Shiny Kommo-o :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 6 0 Shiny Alolan Raticate by Rotommowtom Shiny Alolan Raticate :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 2 0 Lemmy Koopa by Rotommowtom Lemmy Koopa :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 27 2 Matrix - Eat Instant Noodles by Rotommowtom Matrix - Eat Instant Noodles :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 9 3 Cosmoem pencil doodle by Rotommowtom Cosmoem pencil doodle :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 15 0 Loaf is Loafing Around by Rotommowtom Loaf is Loafing Around :iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 6 4
Splatoon Fanstories - Family Crisis Part5 (Final)
the B.R.O.S. (blue ring octo swarm) was released by DJ octavio to take over the world by destroying everything in sight. and the heroes and the kids rushed outside for cover.
DJ octavio: BROS! listen to me! dubstomp everything into oblivion! however! bring me the kids of this little lass *points to julie*
the giant swarm of countless BROS flies (they fly like octobombers with their two side tentacles)and begins attacking everything in sight
oliver: okay everyone i think it's dangerous to split up into individuals. but i think we should split up into teams.
ava! you pair up with zayne!
zayne and ava: *nods*
oliver: and i have to pair up with *facepalm* hanna... and you shane and the kids, you head for shelter. into the building that the swarm came from there is none inside.
shane: *nods* takes joy and lucas and begins to run inside for cover.
:iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 1 11
Splatoon Fanstories - Family Crisis Part4
julie was trapped in a small containment unit held personally by the octobot king revealed himself as himself DJ octavio while mort was caged up while still thrashing around. the heroes and kids finally met the psychotic cephalopod face to face.
DJ octavio: hahaha! now it's just bout to time to release BROS
oliver: how did you escape from your snow globe?! and what are you up to?
DJ octavio: Ahahaha i'll gladly tell you everything. see after spending alot of time in that snow globe my sanity began to disappear but then one day i escaped. and i thought to myself who was responsible for trapping me in such a retched sphere, and it was julie! so i just wanted some personal revenge, plus i managed to get some plans for world domination at the same time too! brilliant! ahahaha!
DJ Octavio: now you see that crazy fellow over there? julie, that is your son!
*julie shakes her head in disbelief*
julie: no
:iconrotommowtom:Rotommowtom 2 8
Words Hurt Stamp by NinjaFalcon90 Courtesy stamp by lady-warrior
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Critiques Stamp by angelthewingedcat

(Look, think about it. think before you you post and/or post comments, there will be people out there who will not like what you like. as common courtesy, if you don't like it that's fine, and if you have nothing nice to say, don't comment.) (respecting others shows that you're more mature than those who hate on others and behave rudely to them))

hi guys and welcome to my page! i mostly draw home
Don't like what i have? Deal with it Or leave.


the Princess and the Plumber: the Emo Argue by Jack-Hedgehog the Princess and the Plumber: the Emo Argue :iconjack-hedgehog:Jack-Hedgehog 11 13 Dynamic Duo by Zieghost Dynamic Duo :iconzieghost:Zieghost 203 36 MxP: Here We Go, Babies! by Nintendrawer MxP: Here We Go, Babies! :iconnintendrawer:Nintendrawer 781 122 Planet Robobot by bellhenge Planet Robobot :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 1,132 29 Kirby 25th Anniv by bellhenge Kirby 25th Anniv :iconbellhenge:bellhenge 441 36 Kirby of the Star Wars by GoForAPerfect2010 Kirby of the Star Wars :icongoforaperfect2010:GoForAPerfect2010 7 6 Force Pun: Wobufett by Angel-Wing101 Force Pun: Wobufett :iconangel-wing101:Angel-Wing101 30 29 Joke Yoda by DarkMario2 Joke Yoda :icondarkmario2:DarkMario2 15 18 Kirby's Dream Land by Jdoesstuff Kirby's Dream Land :iconjdoesstuff:Jdoesstuff 75 4 One face a day152/365. kirby epic yarn by Dylean One face a day152/365. kirby epic yarn :icondylean:Dylean 348 41 2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 6 by PerfectPinkWater 2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 6 :iconperfectpinkwater:PerfectPinkWater 60 4 2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 15 by PerfectPinkWater 2016 Advent Calendar Thingy: Day 15 :iconperfectpinkwater:PerfectPinkWater 54 3 Chibi Bagged Nebby by Itachi-Roxas Chibi Bagged Nebby :iconitachi-roxas:Itachi-Roxas 197 14 Au Contraire by QuadForceFive Au Contraire :iconquadforcefive:QuadForceFive 303 18 Butterface by QuadForceFive Butterface :iconquadforcefive:QuadForceFive 411 42 Cosmic parents by hookls Cosmic parents :iconhookls:hookls 107 15


hmm, i'm not very good at critiques, but i'll give it my best shot. well you're overall better at shading in digital than i am. the sha...


Joseph Hsu
United States
:iconrequestsask: :icontradesopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsopen: :iconnokiribans:
(I don't do tags, sorry.)

:iconmario-plz::iconluigi-plz::iconbowser-plz: :iconprincess-peach-plz: :iconprincess-daisy-plz: :iconrosalinaplz: :iconyoshiplz: :icontoadplz: :iconwarioplz: :iconwaluigiplz:

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:iconinklinggirlplz: :iconinklingboyplz:

Hello, I'm Rotommowtom, and welcome to my page! You can call me Joseph, Joe, Joetom

i like to draw Nintendo stuff, Random Stuff , cute stuff, babies, scary stuff, Animals, plants, Dragons, Aliens, Other Creatures that don't exist, alternian trolls, and splatoon things like inklings and octolings.... please note that i have a wide range of interests.

You can also find me here:
:iconyoutube-plz: ===>…
:iconfbcenterplz: ===>…

please note that i don't use Facebook for social media, Deviantart is.

All i have to say, is if you like my art that is fine, :iconkirbyhiplz:
if you don't, deal with it or Leave. :icongtfoguyplz:


My best friends, freinds i have, and friends i had.

:icon00tod00: :icondaisyfloral: :iconpriincessdaiisygiirl: :iconmegadaisy1: :iconlunara-nightjewel: :iconsol-karasu::iconcottonee7:
:iconlvko-king: :iconve731: :iconmusiccraze98: :iconmauvefaerie: :icongalaxia-darkness: :iconmusical-girl-hallie: :iconthepinkmarioprincess: :iconfaisaladen::iconwilltommo::iconv-p-aurore-star: :icontheupgradedmodel: :iconshy-luh: :iconmarxiekssu: :iconcandy-swirl: :iconstarsailor5: :iconmaxus-the-hedgefox: :iconkinglogan721: :iconjestcrazy32: :iconfuzzbyroo: :iconnintendrawer: :iconyuka-to-mein: :iconshymi: :iconcaptor-variety-girl: :iconhamsamwich: :icontrishakat: :iconthe-gr8-fangirl: :iconpugwash1: :iconstrawb-ellie: :iconyukikoneko-girl: :iconinuzukajess: :iconchocopandahugs::iconbabypoof08::iconnazrininator::icontashardbuddies::iconmittens1997: :iconcpr-covet: :icontardis-fan211: :iconstranger-to-you: :iconfoxybus: :iconalannatheseedrian::iconbugoifwhite3::iconsirguyjacket::iconjk-kino::iconstardustnebulae: :iconstarflash111: :iconjaastarz001: :iconp1nkfl0yde: :iconookami-egao: :iconjany-chan17:
:iconprinsesdaisyfanfan1::iconluckyladyxandra::icondarkmety::iconmariosimpson1::iconhiyukee::icondededeman7::iconapplehead302: :icontruckerpilot: :iconsteamguyshyguy: :iconmarioprincessartist::iconsoldieroforder:

I like All of my friends! I care for all of you very much!

here's some cool people i'd like to recognize.
(also they are my closest of DA friends)

:iconmarcusvorbote: / :iconsoldieroforder: he's one of my best bros.
:iconkinglogan721: he's one of my best bros.
:iconcaptor-variety-girl: one of my best DA buddies
:iconluckyladyxandra: one of my best DA buddies & Likes to draw Alternian Trolls too
:iconshaneysqueeboy: / :iconchentheirken: another good buddy of mine
:iconstardustnebulae: one of my best DA buddies!
:icontruckerpilot: a very good friend of mine & Does Gmod stuff! :D
:iconmarioprincessartist: One of my good friends & Like drawing Mario Princesses
:icondededeman7: he's once cool dude!
:iconapplehead302: a very kind friend to have around
:iconcapricornuss: a great buddy of mine
:iconmustachecat88: another great friend i love to talk to
:iconcottonee7:another one of my good buds!
:iconv-p-aurore-star: is another one of my great buds
:iconthepinkmarioprincess: is great at mario drawings and is sweet
:iconhamsamwich: is a good drawer and is nice to talk to
:iconstrawb-ellie: just another good friend of mine
:iconjaastarz001: another good buddy of mine
:iconutoplio: / :icontashardbuddies: An awesome friend of mine (but she's really nice & is a Kirby fan!)
:iconsol-karasu: is a great friend who i know at school
:iconmariosimpson1: my Shy Guy loving friend.
:iconapplejuicedrinker: someone who is a great friend to talk to
:iconhiyukee: is Kirby & pokemon Lover! and she's a good friend too!
:iconweaselbear: another good friend i also know in RL,
:iconyoshiccrazy360: Another friend i know in RL who loves :iconyoshiplz: as much as i love rotom...
:iconsirguyjacket: he and I are good friends

and lots more i can say for the rest of my buds:iconcutegamzeeplz:





Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09
Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Pokemon Stamp by Teeter-Echidna
Also ask me if you have a question about pokemon! i'm almost like a living breathing Bulbapedia (but obviously i don't know everything) but i do know alot. so ask me anything if you have questions.

Nintendo -Stamp- by DrXtreme
also ask me if you have question about other things like mario & kirby games, i know alot about the stuff in those too.




some of my OC PLZ's! :icondarxplz::iconcaziplz::iconprincessoliviaplz: these PLZ's were created by :iconjestcrazy32:


--------------------Some Stamps!--------------------
Mama Luigi's Catchphrase Stamp by asalover Luigi stamp by sketchedmonkey SHUT YOUR MOUTH! - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa Super Mario stamp by angelasamshi Mario stamp by sketchedmonkey Princess Daisy Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Stamp: Bowser by Tee-J Rosalina and Luma Stamp by Lady-Zelda-of-Hyrule Peach Stamp by rockydennis .:MarioxPeach Stamp II:. by ThePinkMarioPrincess Bowser Jr. Stamp by Scrappanator
479 - Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Mow Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Fan Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Wash Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Frost Rotom by Marlenesstamps 479 - Heat Rotom by Marlenesstamps Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Fan Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Mow Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Wash Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Frost Rotom stamp by Numbuh9 Heat Rotom stamp by Numbuh9


Kirby Face Stamp by VampireJaku Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku Marx stamp 4 by CinsaTalXenoMaker MarxFlan Stamp by JelliPuddi Magolor Stamp by latiaskirby Kirby Stamp by MajinPat Stamp: Kirby by Shendijiro Kirby Stamp by Koolaidislifetome


Stamp: Terezi by Shendijiro Stamp Terezi 2 by Michiru-Mew karkat stamp 1 by rynald karkat stamp 2 by rynald Stamp: Karkat by Shendijiro TEREZIKARKATSTAMP by Risen-Dawn HS: Kanaya Maryam stamp by Janbearpig Stamp: Tavros by Shendijiro :33 playfully posts stamp by Dametora Stamp: Nepeta by Shendijiro Stamp: Equius by Shendijiro HS: Sollux Captor stamp by Janbearpig Stamp: Gamzee by Shendijiro uHH GOOD GAME EVERYBODY by Janbearpig Sollux Stamp by HTFlover777 Karezi stamp by ParamourxLights T3R3Z1 ST4MP (( Homestuck )) by MissButtler HS Troll Stamp by Tammiikat Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Homestuck Trolls fanstamp by KirigamiRiguya Humans Are Inherently Stupid by Vexic929 OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine


Splatoon Stamp by laprasking splatoon stamp #6 [cyan vs pink] by larssson Splatoon stamp by poppliio Splat! :: Splatoon Stamp by DawnRedd splatoon stamp #1 [splatfest] by larssson splatoon stamp #3 [octoling] by larssson splatoon stamp #14 [pink team] by larssson splatoon stamp #17 [pink-purple team] by larssson splatoon stamp #8 [royal blue team] by larssson splatoon stamp #13 [cyan team] by larssson splatoon stamp [minty blue team] by larssson splatoon stamp #20 [mint team] by larssson splatoon stamp #10 [emerald green team] by larssson splatoon stamp #15 [yellow team] by larssson splatoon stamp #7 [orange team] by larssson Stamp - Support the Octarians! by twilight-hills




Rotommowtom has started a donation pool!
1,259 / 2,000
:iconcommissionsopen: just a little side note for you guys here. i normally give free requests to friends, but i am also running short of time and such. so i can't keep up with all the stuff that piles in. so i may accept your request if i'm not that busy.

:bulletpurple: linear - 5 points

:bulletpurple: regularly colored - 10 points

:bulletpurple: colored fully colored and shaded - 20 points

:bulletpurple: fully colored and shaded with background - 30 points
you may have one character per commission, but if you want to add another character, you need to add more points to your current total.
here are the list of prices.

:bulletpurple:for humans - 1000 points (hehe, just kidding) :icongamseesplz:

:bulletblue: two characters - +1 point

:bulletblue: three characters - +2 points

:bulletblue: four characters - +5 points


:iconpowerpointplz: :iconupdateplz::iconpowerpointplz:
i am now accepting powerpoint short animations!

though they WILL be shorts.

first thing is an animation will cost at base 10 points
for the animation as well as for the single character.

any additional character will cost +5 more points.

any specific music or custom music +1 point
(if not applied i will chose either a random music that fits the video or no music)

the owner of the character will need to submit to me a sprite sheet of that character in PNG format with a background that is easily able to be turned transparent.

+1 point for a custom background (again will need a picture linked to me)

things that will not be accepted whatsoever.
:bulletred: no inappropriate stuff, like nudity, sex, and things like that.
:bulletred: no complaining if i have to decline your commission
:bulletred: things that are outside my league of what powerpoint can handle itself.
:bulletred: no fetishes as cool as some of them are.

PS: i can't do these all the time because of my busy schedules so don't overwork me with them. i can only do a few of them at a time for a while.
(one person can only do so much before they get tired)

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i read about the single player stuff and the squid sisters story for the prologue to splatoon 2
you can read it here for yourself. ===>…

poor marie, she still thinks the octarians are evil... but as clearly shown DJ octavio has broken out of his snow globe. and this time it's shattered to pieces. i think (if you read any of my fanstories) the octarians are not evil, DJ octavio has good motives, but his morals and ethics are not.) so naturally the octarians would not follow his schemes. so he has only no choice but to mind control them with his hypnotic beats. but they seem to only only affect octarians. this time after spending so much time in the snow globe i think he just went mad (well at least more crazier than he use to be anyways) and this time he's up to his old tricks like developing more new kinds of octarian forces(not octolings) by using octoling tentacle clippings to develop new kinds of octarians. what his motives are this time is unknown. but it seems callie went to octo valley and presumably to visit captain cuttlefish, but it seems the old squid is missing. and soon callie was too. but what might of happened is that callie got brainwashed by DJ octavio after he upgraded is hypno beats to hypnotize inklings too. what he wants to use them for is unknown.

welp. gotta get the game... i wish it came out sooner... the suspense is killing me.

~ well, gotta shiny hunt some more pokemon as well as drawing some more stuff. see ya next time! :3

Journal History


SBB Icons (Kirby) Update SBB Icons (Kirby) 

Phew, finally finished 100%ing kirby planet robobot's 2nd and 3rd file! (this would of been better if they'd let us copy the files like a few kirby games, but it's not possible in this game) and if any of you guys know, the true arena in this mode is notoriously difficult, a little unfair even.
King BBB 

and for the first time i was able to go from 0% to 100% the last file in just one day!
phew, i'm tired.... see ya guys soon!

Tried the Shiny Swap Method for spiritomb, Spiritomb shiny sprite but the problem is the eggs produced by the dummy magikarp (hilariously nicknamed for the time travel method "Karp of Time" caught in a timer ball) seems to have not produced any shiny magikarp for the shiny swap. and i have hatched way too many magikarp eggs and still no shiny and this method is supposed to make finding eggs faster, heck i even found the shiny vulpix in less eggs. (i might keep it after i breed more and no better results come up) i guess i'll hunt for spiritomb the ol fashined masuda method way (it may be long, but at least i don't need to keep track of the egg count like shiny swapping)

well, i guess i'll see ya later guys. back to shiny hunting!

Good news. finally got new phone!
but as i need to set it up, i have to put my current shiny hunt on hold.
i have good news and bad news

the good news is that a shiny vulpix hatched
bad news it has the wrong ability (which is snow cloak which is banned in VGC and is generally not used in competitive) now to try again for a shiny Hidden ability (Snow Warning) vulpix... gosh darn it RNG... plus i have spiritomb to hunt next.

Damn it! got distracted from my Shiny Vulpix hunt and decided to hunt for Staryu, but at least i finally got a shiny starmie (took almost the entire day just for the dang thing to pop up) now for realz this time. gotta get vulpix.



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besides, when i usually do pics for people i usually do art trades in stead of requests, but as of now i'm super busy. so busy when i open my requests (which is posted in a journal stating when it's open) it's only open for a few hours tops.
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Are you doing anymore artwork of Starline, Clare, Waluigi Jr., Onion, Annie, and Retro sometime soon?
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I made up a species in splatoon
Rotommowtom Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
that's nice

but, (personally for me in my headcanon, i like to stick to being what would actually be more likely to happen) as the game does say, this is the mollusk era.
and these mollusks (which are the "lings" group) like inklings,(squids) octolings (octopuses) cuttleings (cuttlefish) and nautlings (nautilus)
there are some things that evolves like sharks, which are now land sharks (which look kinda like garchomp and hunt and behave like wolves by hunting in schools) inklings have a smaller domesticated verson like how we have our dogs. and some eels too have evolved, however they would be more lizard like, but electric eels still live in the water as their zapfish cousins thrive on land.

but it's just me, i like things to make some more sense as if they could be real, as splatoon's timeline is our earth's future.
SeantheInkling Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017   Digital Artist
Hay Joetom, did you think my inksona is look similar to Oliver?
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